About Project

My missions in photography have several goals and that's why I would be able to do my good without fighting the negatives.

I would like to share the images that express us, give us the message.  To be an artist is to sacrifice a life for an art.  It means that I commit myself with all my body and my soul for a project without fear or taboos, but with pride, love of work and courage.

As my biography says: "I took part in a training in photography and applied my career to the refugee camp without any well-defined photography tools (camera, hard disk, computer or projector), but with my phone" did what is important. 

I'm not afraid to capture images.  Despite prohibition to capture the images of certain events that often occur at the camp. For me, being a photographer is working without borders on events that solicit a propagation to inform the world in the positive sense with the exhibition.

Here you can donate project "Photo Stories From The Nyarugusu Camp" about life in this refugee camp    Donate

<< the world is always black, you need a photography lighting >> 

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