According to these little boys - they wear a mask and gloves, they pick it up from the trash to protect themselves against Covid-19. The thought is that many people know that the only way to protect themselves from the Covid-19 is to wear any face mask, and it becomes the buzz on the internet and at the camp. The workers wear  the face mask in Nyarugusu. Panic still reigns, refugees ignore the announcements that the health care workers constantly refer, because these measures are located in certain places but are not advertised in a religious places. This means that in Nyarugusu there are no concerns about Covid-19 in a religious environment, the door is open. Unlike school environments where the doors are closed. The grace is that the Covid-19 is not in Nyarugusu.

So what motivation or reasoning can you tell people to understand when you say: avoid unnecessary and public gatherings. The virus does not choose the place for contamination.

Nyarugusu refugee camp