As I am always passionate about visiting African villages and bringing images of their daily lives, it was in the afternoon when I visited the refugee camp of Nyarugusu. When I arrived in a small bush in the middle of the garden I saw 3 refugee children running away in the mist, leaving their canister filling with water and escaping from me. I called them to join me and not to leave me, their big brother came to me saying "Oh you have the camera, we thought it's a gun ah haha".  Then they asked me how to handle the camera, I showed it to them and took pictures of each of them and finally they asked for a picture together.

After taking pictures and joking a little bit as I am always passionate about playing with children I also took advantage of knowing about their lives. 

"We are three in our family and every time we help our parents with housework like fetching water, wiping the plates while our parents are at the market to make the goods. Of course our clothes are dirty and torn because we don't have much access to change all the time, we wash in the evening and wear the same clothes often on Sundays we change to go to church. Sometimes when we are at the river or standing water, we clean our clothes and put them on the ground, because when we are going to finish swimming, the clothes are already dry and we go home very clean. "

I talked with these children and I gave them something to motivate them to buy soap, honestly from my part I was interested to have a bravery of the children despite their suffering they contemplate what they have, and understand the situation they have to go through in their lives.

Nyarugusu refugee camp