Junior Nahum 5

One morning when I came to work my colleague Jumanne John contacted me for a photo of Junior Nahum, I only knew his face but not his name when I arrived at the pre-school which is located, Jumanne made the call to Junior's teacher for a picture of JuniorJumanne gave him a solar light and I took a picture of himout of curiosity I was interested to know about it and why he was choosen to receive such a gift instead of his school-mate.

Two days later, during my weekly program of taking the photos at pre-school. I saw Junior focused on reading and reviewing his books while his schoolmate were out on the playground.  The curiosity popped up and I decided to contact Jumanne again to find out why he received the min-solar light.

''Of course, he is one of the children that are assisted by our Outreach program and he is so bright in school that why we thought he needs a light at home”.

In fact, I tried to imagine how he read or do his homework without a light at home, I actually remember the pictures circulating on the internet of kids doing their homework under the public lights or with the wooden light.  

In fact, the day afterI visited the families supported by outreach program and I was interested to meet with Charles Ayo the Outreach Manager, for details concerning Junior Nahum. ''We are proud of this child he is smart at school despite the life hardships he faces. Our Outreach program had to offer financial support to his mother to start small business on chicken and also offered training to advance the business and we also offered him a scholarship to our preschool”

It is most interesting and important to see people providing help in different ways to support the child in their good path to the future.

''The child does not need objects first. He is hungry for others. He needs to feel at any moment the protective, benevolent, attentive shadow of those who have carried him and wanted him. To give to a child is to give oneself. At any moment. Then it can grow right, and its roots will be deep, strong''.

Martin Gray

Arusha region