Two days after World Women's Day. African women work hard and doubly, a lung in the family, they work for their family.

Imagine that since the morning, they travel tens of kilometers to go on the field and when they return from the field, they can go with a very heavy package of more than 20 kilos. Imagine this strength and motivation. They sacrifice themselves to help their families. Imagine how many women raped per year in Africa on the rue on fields.

In this photo, two women and a boy are returning from the field which is located a few kilometers from the Nyarugusu refugee camp, this field is in the village where the Tanzanians live, they left to buy tomatoes and other food from the farmer. This goods will be sold tomorrow in a corner of the camp.

Imagine how often we can protect women because they are the backbone of the family, of course, they must be supported.

Nyarugusu refugee camp