It was around 2:00 p.m. I came from the B2 village to take my phone in a public cabinet for phone charges with a paid service. I only had 200 shilling in my pocket.

I got to the location of store and I heard a voice from a crying child. When I approached this child I found him to be inconsolable to his brother. I asked him why he was crying and his brother replied: "He’s hungry, since morning he’s not eaten yet and my mom has left to bring the vegetables, our depot is empty we wait for the days of distributions".

He also added that: "If I am passing under this sun by carrying my little brother in this plastic to look for something ate, I don't even have the strength to put him on the back, I come from the Zone 8, I wanted to pass here at the depot to see if they are the people who receive the food for whom it helps us even with the flour."

As a photographer in a such situation I was forced to give a smile to these children, my role is not only taking photos and leaving the subject in its problem that I can solve. But I had nothing in my pocket, the only change I had to spend to get my charged phone. This did not deter me from helping these children. I took their hand to cross the road and went to a restaurant to ask for debt. Before I got there I had told them to drink water to relax. The servant did not refuse my request when he saw the condition of these children.

Finally I took the debt to pay after a few days to satisfy these children. After this step I accompanied them to the road, so that he went home to their patient mom and didn't walk under the sun. The crying brother thanked me saying: "Thank you police", I replied: "I am not a police officer, I am a photographer, a friend of children."

Nyarugusu refugee camp