Thank to the Covid-19 pandemic, the refugees from Nyarugusu didn't have access to their magnificent day of respect and motivation.

Why do we say a wonderful day of respect?

Because it is the day when the refugees parade dressed in a polo shirt with the UNHCR logo and it is the day when each refugee feels proud and honorary, several visitors come to participate in the performances of the refugee artists and they applaud. Being a refugee does not explain that they are mentally ill or underestimated as being weak in the community.

Why did we say a motivational day?

Because on this feast day the authorities and heads of NGOs responsible for refugees motivate the refugees with the love speech, their concerns and ensure their presence to help them.

Today, June 20, several refugees are missing this beautiful day for lack of internet access to participate in the online concert on the UNHCR YouTube channel.

Nyarugusu refugee camp