Life becomes increasingly difficult for Burundian and Congolese refugees during this period of coronavirus in the country.

The borders are closed to import goods and the small markets around the camp will be closed permanently from next week, all restaurants and bars were demolished today Friday.

This Burundian since the panic of the coronavirus does not find the customer for the cigarette, for lack of customers she agrees to sell her goods at low prices 100 shillings per baguette.

She adds: "I am not looking for big profits, I want all sales to buy a small stock of small fish for this difficult period of confinement".

The two packs of cigarettes are not even worth a kilo of small fish, according to her attitude, we found that she wanted all her cigarettes to be bought to put as much money in her pockets to make the stock.

Containment is always voluntary, hand washing is obligatory as we pointed out in the previous article. In the refugee camp the refugees are still in their normal way of life, it will be worse and regrettable if the coronavirus arrives in Nyarugusu. It is more difficult for the refugees to live without having the small markets for the small purchase. Now the most popular place to spread the virus is the market. The government must prepare measures to fight famines and Covid-19.

Refugees get food at the end of each month, but they cannot eat just one type of food for a month, which is why they manage to change the food. Imagine when the small markets are closed, imagine being confined to one type of food for a month. Imagine how medical care is in Nyarugusu.

Nyarugusu refugee camp