Here we are in  Mbararwai  village in Monduli district , Arusha Tanzania.

I visited this daycare center which is located in the middle of the village. I spoke with the visionary of the project.

Upendo Dickson, "I am the founder of the day care center which we call "kambi ya maziwa" which means "the milk camp". We started in 2022 and today we have more than 50 children. I am with a staff that helps me to take care of them from 8am to 10am, we have difficulties to do this project, there is no equipment... imagine sitting under a scorching sun, 

The women of this village go about their daily business and leave their children at this center. Upendo Dickson wants to live her dream to see the children of her village benefit from a good supervision in a center with all the standards and all the equipment for the development of the village and the future of the children of the village. She invites everyone to support this vision, she hopes and believes that everything is possible to live the dream in reality.

Arusha region