Children's activities after school and during the school period - many children take care of various activities during the school period and after this period. We discovered several of these activities during the holidays and during this imprisonment caused by the Covid-19. Remember that we noticed in our previous articles that the daily lives of Nyarugusu refugees were always normal, nothing happened, did not prevent refugees from accessing the market, the river and the fields. These are mainly activities: small trade, fishing, sheep farming and agriculture.

Indeed, every day after school, Chaque accompanies the kids of their goats to the bush, adding: "Me and my brother, the only job we have is to feed these goats. The only job of our big sisters is to save up. Each of our parents shares their task." Some parents are given to their child business activities for the well-being of the family, a family helps each other.

Nyarugusu refugee camp