Little girl Aziza has dinner with little corn fufa and little fry with cassava leaf. While her older sister was eating, Aziza was sleeping and it was not possible to call her to the table to eat with her sister. They used to eat together, her mother explained to me that Aziza had no appetite when she eat at the table alone, but today Aziza eats with gusto.

In Nyarugusy, corn fufu is preferred, which refugees eat every day. It is a special corn flour supplyed by WFP every month for fufu. Who can we afford to buy rice in the store? According to my analysis, 99.9% of refugees in Nyarugusu consume corn fufu every day. Rice is rarely consumed in a refugee home for several reasons. I remember very well that my neighbor told me that his 5 children are eaten and happy to eat fufu, if they eat rice, the rice must be at least 3 kilos or it is not easy to get rice.

By the way, the children of Nyarugusu have been used to eating corn fufu since they were little, so they prefer corn to rice.

Nyarugusu refugee camp