Refugees flee war, various problems and end up finding international protection in the United States. Are they safe in the host country? Will the United States strengthen resettlement procedures after the Covid-19 pandemics? The person in the photo is a tomato farmer from the Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania. We ask him about his business. He told us that his business was not working as before. Finally said: "Coronavirus damaged everyone."

We insisted on learning how the coronavirus damaged everything, the activities in the camps are still normal. He said: "There is no money movement in the camp because friends and family in the United States do not remember them and also during the period of resettlement the travelers do shopping. Since Trump's arrival, the workforce for resettlement has decreased for resettlement in the United States compared to President Obama's period. Closing the borders against the spread of viruses also causes a lack of money in our pockets."

We have several questions to ask and to understand the situation that manages humanity, and if African-Americans are victims of racism, what are the cases for new arrivals on American soil for example refugees is what are they also victims?

Nyarugusu refugee camp