After my return to Nyarugusu, I met a child named Jonas sitting on trees in stagnant water, which the locals called "Kichiba". The little boy was lonely while other children were celebrating the New Year's Day in their families. 

Jonas was happy to see a crowd of people heading towards the Kichiba to take some selfies. I did not hesitate to capture the images when he had asked me for a selfie, I did not know if Jonas had his friends in the corner who were running away from the camera. After seeing Jonas taking selfies, his friends turned to him for the new year's selfie, Jonas became star of Kichiba, everyone wanted to have selfies with him including me who started this mood. From beginning to the end Jonas had an empty plastic bottle in his hand so I offered him an orange juice that I had received after the session with the girls from the camp.

Every time I go to Kichiba I enjoy meeting real friends like Jonas who contributes to the success of my day. 

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