During this confinement period, Bukuru only deals with this game, before doing anything else, he starts playing this game with his teammates.

His aunt gave him the bucket so that he could bring water from the tap, after thirty minutes she noticed that Bukuru had dragged too much. Leaving the fence, she saw Bukuru sitting on the floor playing his Oware games.

Her aunt approached his and said: "Even though you forgot I asked you to take some water, remember that this distraction will not give you food, so I tell you to get up and go fast otherwise I want to destroy your game." Bukuru got up and went to the tap.

Her aunt did not destroy this game in any way, because she appreciated that Bukuru remains very close to the house thanks to these Oware games. Other children no longer stay at home wandering around during school closings due to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Nyarugusu refugee camp