I saw this boy walking around in the rain, I called him directly to tell him not to walk in the rain because there are certain consequences such as fever. The child didn't take long, he joined me on the terrace, the rain is so much heavier and will leave the terrace to escape the rain in a restaurant, of course it was very cold and we can’t sit in a restaurant without buy somethings, I bought a tea and the cake is worth 1000 shilling.

The little boy decided to eat while standing and the maid gave him a seat but the decision of his boy is was to stay otherwise, then I asked him the question of understanding so that he prefers to stay at the beginning he said: ''I wanted to sit down but my panties are very dirty, I had slipped and fallen on the floor that's why I stay at the beginning and I wouldn't want to dirty the chair''.

I noticed that this was true and I told him to feel happy and free to take the place. My friend ended by saying that he is even happy being the beginning. 


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