Baraka is a beautiful little boy with light eyes and the diastema or the teeth of happiness. I've been looking for this little boy for a long time for a selfie. Baraka is of the Congolese nationality of the Bafulero ethnic group. He was born with light eyes, he has these brothers and sister. This little one is very cute and charming with these teammates. Despite their lack of means to buy the clothes, this little boy is still happy with their family situation. Of course, here at the camp, there are families, who are going through the difficult period, despite the fact that everyone is in difficulty, the problems are deferred. In this photo, Baraka's clothes are almost all torn half-naked. And I hope, if his family does not buy him the new clothes, he will be patiently wait for the donation from the UNHCR, which distributes the clothes at the end of the year.

Nyarugusu refugee camp