Her name is Zainabo, she is a smart girl and also brave according to her mother. What is surprising is that Zainabo is angry because her mother tells her that she has to clean all the pots before going for a walk with her friends. As she thinks herself clever she wanted to hide some saucepan to clean it later. Unfortunately, her little sister Aziza was watchful and alerted her mother. Zainabo explains to me that she will clean up in her due time because she is wanting to participate in their children's game Kunoka. Her mother obliges her because if she leaves without cleaning the pots, it will be impossible for her to do it later because the water is not available all the time and she has to prepare the food in clean pots. By saying it to his daughter: "Okey, you will play your game after cleaning but you refuse cleaning  dishes. I'm telling you, you'll eat your game at night because you like game more than cleaning our casserole, pot and pan. Do the things which you are important to you." Zainabo has finally agreed to clean all the dishes before going to play their Kunoka childish games.

Nyarugusu refugee camp