The refugees say (UNHCR ndo baba wetu) which means UNHCR is our father. Why do refugees want this? Here at the camps UNHCR is the father is a slogan is popular because UNHCR is the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. They're helping the refugees here at the camps and resettling to the country of the West. The refugees each month receive the food. They do not know where the food comes from but he discovers the logos in the bags like: USaid, WFP and others all this comes from the WFP (world food programm) repository with the UNHCR logos. The refugees do not try to understand where the food comes from but they say thank you UNHCR who are their father for taking care of them. On the distribution days each family is presented to the depot according to the criteria and to transport food to the home some use their physical strength and others the bikes to transport the parcels. We were surprised to see a man carrying the package in front and his wife is behind carrying the baby on.

Nyarugusu refugee camp