These small young hunters are from the bordering village of the Kichiba, their hunting is done on the birds which come to look for and eat the small fish in the stagnant water and those which make the nests in the in the Kichiba and around.

I saw with my own eyes how they throw stones at a duck. After that I ask them many questions about their hunting like the technique of the hunts and what their hunting is in their life. They said that: ''We have several techniques to catch the meat, in the case of a duck we throw a lot of stones together at the same time to disturb the duck and also the big birds. Hunting helps us find meat but it's not everyday that we catch because it's not easy.''

Apart from this hunter who uses slingshot there are others who use the elements to trap the ducks that make their nests on the edge of the Kichiba.

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