While I was resting under a tree next to the road that separates Zone 1 and 2 from the village of Nyarugusu, I saw a young boy approaching me to rest too. I was also delighted to see a young boy with a such hairstyle that I asked him questions.

The interviewed youngster is a waiter in the Mama Sifa restaurant located in village A1 class 12, in addition to the role of waiter, he is responsible for transporting water for the restaurant's services. From his physical appearance I did not hesitate to ask him what was his former occupation before he was employed in this restaurant Mama Sifa. My friend from the restaurant did not think to answer me that he had already done difficult jobs like making bricks and many things that life requires us to do to live in this camp. And my last question was whether is he an artist? And his answer was: "Yes I am an artist, I sing, dance and play the drum."

In Nyarugusu, the refugees no longer give up, they set up their own business in the village to develop and to employ the young people. From my visits several restaurants, fields and cinemas I found the young girls and boys are employed, their wages help to solve their private needs.

Nyarugusu refugee camp